OR Desk Visual Manager

OR Desk Visual Manager saves you time!

The management of multiple operating rooms is difficult from a logistical stand point, providing supplies, scheduling staff, scheduling cases, ensuring that the ORs are prepped for turn around. Realistically the only way to know if an OR is prepped, if a patient or staff are in the OR, if a case is started, ongoing or finishing, or if the case has left and the OR needs cleaned, is to physically have someone look into the OR. This typically means someone leaving the OR desk unattended and walking to the OR in question.
The OR Desk Visual Manager user interface is designed specifically for OR desk staff, providing a facility wide overview of all operating rooms , drug storage and other sensitive areas. Doctors and other OR staff can call the OR desk and get immediate updates on the status of any OR of interest.
OR Desk Visual Manager allows OR desk staff to instantly look into any OR to check status of the room from the OR desk. ORs are arranged  in groups of 16 video thumbnails per page, the user simply touches the OR picture of interest and the full motion, full screen image appears on the monitor. For those areas with movable pan/tilt cameras, the camera controls appear with the full screen image.
The system is secure from unauthorized viewing by a user access password required prior to viewing any rooms. If the viewing panel is unattended for a minute, the panel re-secures the system, preventing open screens being viewed.
The system is further secured by the fact that the video signals are on a closed system. The images are not accessible via the network and as such are secure from unauthorized network intrusions or hacking.

RPC Video will assist your facilities staff with the project management, camera placement and provide field engineers for the final connections and system commissioning. Furthermore RPC Video provides on-site service support and software updates as needed.