Presentation Rooms utilize the latest flat panel display technology or a projection system to display television channels, video signals and graphics to participants. Source selection and audio levels are controlled through wireless handheld or wall-mounted touch panel controllers.

Videoconferencing rooms provide a ‘window’ between any number of participants at remote locations. All conference attendees can see and hear each other in HD quality. High-resolution content can be shared simultaneously with the video and audio.

Large group instruction facilities typically have 200-300 theatre-style seats. LGI’s include a variety of AV technologies like user-friendly control systems, multiple sources and displays and even notation capabilities. Video and audio conferencing can be added to support distance learning.

Auditoriums are characterized by their large projection screens, high-powered projectors and clear, thunderous sound systems. High-Definition video, high-resolution computer images and acoustics require careful planning and design to ensure clarity. Our engineers do that!

Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) teaching facilities are actual houses retrofitted with robotic cameras, specialized audio systems and a control room. Instructors view a plan view of the house on a touch screen and select an area to observe and communicate with a forensic team.(click here for more)

OR Desk Visual Manager provides an instant visual check of operating rooms’ statuses from the OR desk. Observation of drug storage locations or other sensitive areas can be included in the monitoring system. Video signals and monitoring are kept secure for restricted access.(click here for more)

Nursing SIM labs outfitted with advanced AV systems require tight integration with existing or customer-provided nursing simulators. Our thoughtful approach to the required views of the lab, complex audio needs, signal routing, recording requirements and simple user interface results with a system an instructor can work with everyday without hesitation.

Digital Signage is seen everywhere. These systems with single or multiple monitors are used to provide information, way finding and promote products and services. Distributed systems can be within a single building or nationwide. Large multiple monitor display walls are often deployed in large venues like public retail spaces.

Video Production Facilities we design for teaching communication and journalism fit perfectly into varying budgets and available space. Our designs allow a maximum number of students to have hands-on training in all areas of production. Classrooms or other available spaces can be acoustically treated and converted into studio space.

Storage Area Networks, or SAN systems, are scalable and expandable for a wide range of video and data storage applications. Our SAN engineer evaluates the application and provides a design for multiple levels of storage, expandability and redundancy.